Exploring the microbial world using omics

Our main research lines aim at understanding the structuring and dynamics of natural microbial communities using ecological theory, disentangling the network of microbial interactions in ecosystems and linking the gene content of genomes, communities and their variation, with ecological function and evolutionary processes.


Ongoing projects

Microbial evolution and population genomics in a changing ocean.

Exploring the evolution of wild microbes using a molecular genomic approach.

Past projects

Unveiling core ecological interactions in marine microbial communities using omics approaches.

Assembling a Micro Eco-System using Next-Generation omics.

Promoting single cell genomics to explore the ecology and evolution of hidden microeukaryotes.

Group Members

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Understanding what shapes the surface ocean microbiota

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Understanding the genomic machinery in Amazon River

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The planktonic protist interactome: where do we stand after a century of research?

Marit F. Markussen Bjorbækmo, Andreas Evenstad, Line Lieblein Røsæg, Anders K. Krabberød & Ramiro Logares

Marked changes in diversity and relative activity of picoeukaryotes with depth in the world ocean.

Caterina R. Giner, Massimo C. Pernice, Vanessa Balagué, Carlos M. Duarte, Josep M. Gasol, Ramiro Logares & Ramon Massana